violin classes


Catalina offers violin classes from beginning to advanced level. She focuses on developing strong basic techniques in order for musical expression to flourish with ease.


For beginner violinists

  • Suzuki Certification Book 1, 2. Plus experience teaching through this methodology from book 1 through 10
  • Learning Together, Sequential Repertoire for Solo Strings. Violin Book
  • Sound Innovations for String Orchestral. Violin Book

For intermediate violinists

  • Kayser 36 Etudes, Op. 20
  • Kreutzer 42 Etudes
  • Suzuki methodology books 4-7
  • Solos for Young Violinists
  • Wessely, Comprehensive Scale Manuel for the Violin
  • Sevcik, Changes of Position and Preparatory Scale Studies, Op. 8; 40 variations Op. 3, School of Violin Technique, Op. 1

For advanced violinists

  • Suzuki 8-10
  • Fiorillo 36 Etudes
  • Dont 24 Etudes, Op. 35
  • Gavinies 24 Etudes
  • Flesh Scale System for Violin
  • Violin concertos such as Vieuxtemps, Wieniawski, Spohr, Viotti, Mozart, among other, Sonatas and virtuoso pieces.


Feel free to contact Catalina and discuss what are your interests regarding learning violin playing. For amateurs to violin professional training, she can customize each lesson for your own goals.